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Phastek X5 Camaro Turbo Phastek 700XS Camaro Camaro V6 Cylinder Heads (2010)

Custom Built 5th Gen Camaro's by Phastek Performance in Houston, TX

Phastek's Official 2010 X5 Camaro - 800HP Turbocharged Camaro SS LS3
Turbonetics Single Turbo, COMP Turbo Cam & Valvetrain, Full Exhaust, and much more!

Custom Built in 2012 by Phastek in Houston, TX

Bob's Custom Phastek 700XS Supercharged Camaro SS:
Whipple Supercharged, L99 Automatic w/ LS3 Conversion, Cam, Converter, and much more!
Bob's Phastek Supercharged 700XS Camaro SS custom build
Custom Built in 2013 by Phastek in Houston, TX

Phastek 700XS Camaro - 700HP Supercharged Camaro SS LS3
Magnuson TVS-2300 Supercharger, COMP Camshaft, Long Tube Headers & Full Exhaust

Custom Built in 2010 by Phastek in Houston, TX

Check out the video of our Phastek 700XS 2010 Camaro upgrade package
with a Magna Charger TVS2300 Supercharger - Over 590 Horsepower to the wheels!