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2010+ Camaro Tech Info brought to you by Phastek Performance!

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro resources, information, pictures, videos, and more, all at PhastekPerformance.com!

LIVE Installation Video of a 5th Gen Camaro getting Lowering Springs Installed in the Phastek Shop!

CamaroNews.com Features the Phastek 6th Gen ZL1 Camaro Exhaust Video:

6th Gen ZL1 BMR Lowering Springs, GM Black Taillights, and Phastek Black-Out Kit:

GM Dark Taillights are BACK IN STOCK!!:

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Camaro Videos:

Phastek 2010 X5 Camaro with the Turbonetics Turbo Kit package goes 11.50 seconds at 126 mph in the 1/4 mile:

Aftermarket Camaro Updates:

Phastek X5 Camaro Turbo Dyno Testing at LMR Dyno Testing our 2010 X5 Turbo Camaro - Stage 1

Check out the Pictures from our dyno testing session with the Turbonetics 50-state legal bolt-on Turbocharger kit. With the bolt-on and pre-programmed tune, we made 491 Horsepower and 515 Torque, at the rear wheels!

Phastek X5 Camaro Turbocharger Kit Installation Turbo Shop Phastek X5 Camaro - Turbonetics Turbo Kit Installation

Here are some pictures of our Turbonetics Turbo Kit Installation on our 2010 X5 Camaro at our shop in Houston. More updates and dyno numbers coming soon!

Kooks Long Tube Headers Install 2010 2011 Camaro SS dyno horsepower Kooks Long Tube Headers & Exhaust - Installation & Dyno: 411 Horsepower (PICTURES & VIDEO)

Check out the Pictures and Video from our installation of Kooks 1-7/8" Long Tube Headers, High Flow Cats, and Kooks Cat-Back Exhaust system on a 2011 Camaro SS LS3 6.2L. We made 411 Horsepower and 395 Torque, at the rear wheels!

An Updated Look At Joe Copson’s Stunning Outlaw 10.5 Camaro Build An Updated Look At Joe Copson’s Stunning Outlaw 10.5 Camaro Build

Only yesterday, when featuring the brand new LSX Outlaw Drag Radial machine of Mike Meeks, did we discuss the coming-out-of-the-woodwork of the late model Chevrolet Camaro, and that point set the stage for an updated look today at one of the most popular and anticipated fifth-gen builds to date.

Military Tribute 5th Gen Draws Big Bucks at Barrett-Jackson Military Tribute 5th Gen Draws Big Bucks at Barrett-Jackson

When the gavel fell on the Military Tribute 5th Gen Camaro during the final hour of Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale event, a generous internet bidder found themselves as the proud new owner of this very special 5th Gen. The winning bid brought in $175,000, and every dollar of the proceeds will be donated to the Achilles Freedom Team...

NHRA Approves ’12 Camaro SS Body For Pro Stock Competition NHRA Approves ’12 Camaro SS Body For Pro Stock Competition

Call it inevitable change in the Pro Stock world or the withering of the global economy, the fact of the matter is that the NHRA’s factory hot rod category isn’t quite that it used to be. But despite the lack of direct involvement from the folks at General Motors – who were the dominant force in Pro Stock for the last two decades...

6th Generation Camaro by GM announced 2016 6th-Generation Camaro is now in development (January 1st, 2012)

From GM Insider News: Our GMI sources have confirmed to us, that the 6th gen Camaro has already shown up within the GM product system as a 2016 MY. That means, it could get here as early as 36 months from now. The availability of Gen V 6.2L V8 is also confirmed. The new Camaro will use the new Cadillac ATS Chassis as well...

2010 V-6 Camaro Engine Bolt-Ons - Highfalutin V-6
We Add A Couple Of Simple Bolt-Ons To An LLT V-6 Camaro, Helping It Breathe A Bit Better And Make Some Extra Horsepower. From the October, 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

Known internally as the "High Feature V-6" and named one of Ward's 10 Best Engines of 2008, the 3.6L GM LLT V-6 represents the current pinnacle of GM engineering. Whether you are a current fifth-generation V-6 Camaro owner, an enthusiast still on the fence or a die-hard V-8 fanatic, once you start looking into the specs, you can't help but be impressed by this little powerhouse... [READ MORE]

Three Basic Fifth-Gen Camaro Mods - The Triple Play
East Coast Supercharging Adds Three Basic Modifications And Gains 64 RWHP. From the October, 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

The new Camaro is everything that the public wanted: a retro-look and offered with a choice between two powerful LS engines underhood. But no matter how well the General did it, there is always room for improvement. Camaro Now tackled some basic upgrades that can be done in your driveway and in just one day. The only outsourcing required is an aftermarket tune to compensate for the changes made underhood. We focused on three major upgrades--AIRAID cold-air intake, Dynatech SuperMaxx long-tube headers with high-flow cats, and a custom tune... [READ MORE]

2010 Chevy Camaro - 25 Proven Tips And Tricks
Take Your Fifth-Gen From Stock As A Rock To Large And In Charge. From the October 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

If you have purchased a fifth-generation Camaro, or this magazine, then no doubt you have come to love the styling inherent in the General's most refined pony car yet. However, the down side to owning a wildly successful and popular car is that it is difficult to separate yourself from the Jones'. The many different factory color and stripe options certainly help, but not like a new set of wheels or a supercharger kit that will put car lengths between you and your neighbor. Whether subtle or screaming, whistling or purring, there are many avenues to explore, which will separate your Camaro from the 100,000 others on the road. Here is a list of helpful tips and tricks to help aid your journey... [READ MORE]

Fifth-Gen Chevy Camaro Turbo Kit - Under Pressure
Fastlane's ZL1 Turbo Kit Packs 585 RWHP With Bolt-In Simplicity. From the October 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

The nerve of these guys, affixing a name as hallowed as "ZL1" to a small-block. That's what the forced induction gurus at Fastlane Inc. call their fifth-gen Camaro turbo kits, and they better have a pretty darn good reason for flirting with heresy. You see, back in 1969, the ZL1 Camaro was the big cheese. A special-order COPO package built to clean house in NHRA Super Stock competition, the ZL1 option got you an all-aluminum 427ci big-block complete with a solid-lifter cam conservatively rated at 425 hp. In one infamous magazine test conducted by Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, the ZL1 Camaro ripped off an 11.64-second pass at 122 mph in the quarter-mile with Funny Car stud Dick Harrell behind the wheel... [READ MORE]

Mast Motorsports LS3/L99 Track Packages - The LS3/L99 Slugfest
A Look Inside The Mast Motorsports LS3/L99 Track Packages And A Glimpse Into The Future Of Variable Valve Timing. From the October 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

In early 1996, when GM officially announced a new motor called the LS1 (Gen III), many traditional enthusiasts were shocked. This new engine, which looked nothing like the small-block they had come to know and love, would surely be junk. Some people proclaimed the end of an era, saying that GM was crazy and had finally lost all hope. The skeptics told us the LS1 could never make big power; it had a plastic manifold for crying out loud! But a small group of people knew better. Instead of running from the new technology and hoarding small-block cylinder heads in their basements... [READ MORE]

Nitrous Outlet N20 System - Juice It Up - Tech
With Nitrous Outlet's New Fifth-Gen Camaro N20 System, 532 Rear-Wheel Horsepower Is Just A Push Of A Button Away. From the February 2011 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

Momma said not to gloat, but for the lucky SOBs that own LS3-powered Camaros, it's awfully tough to stay modest. With 376 cubic inches, 426 horsepower, and rectangler-port heads that flow an unbelievable 330 cfm from the factory, it's essentially a baby LS7. Considering the astounding naturally aspirated horsepower potential of the LS3, the prospect of bolting on a power-adder may seem rather peculiar. Slide in a bigger cam-and bam-you've got yourself an extra 50-75 hp. Massage those heads, and laying down 500 hp to the wheels is cake. Nevertheless, not everyone cares for a lumpity-lump idle, spinning the stock short-block to 7,500 rpm... [READ MORE]

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Clutch & Ring-And-Pinion Install - Gearing Up - Tech
We Put The Freeze On A Set Of Richmond Gears And Step Up The Clutch In Our 2010 Camaro SS Test Car. From the January 2011 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

If you have been following along with our 2010 Camaro SS buildup, you may recall our last track outing ("Breathin' Easy," September '10) ended prematurely thanks to both a sticky clutch pedal and a completely destroyed stock posi unit. While we did manage to run a 12.71 at 111.67 mph thanks to a couple of easy bolt-on parts, our driveline troubles left us in a bit of a predicament. First and foremost, we knew the clutch had to come out of the Camaro and we had to replace it with a more robust unit. Luckily, that was easy to solve with a quick call to SPEC, a company whose clutch components we have come to know and trust over the years. After talking to SPEC about our goals... [READ MORE]

Kenne Bell 2.8L Supercharger Install - Calibrated For Boost
Redline Motorsports adds a Kenne Bell 2.8L supercharger in preparation for the Motion Performance 427 Phase III special-edition fifth-gen Camaro. From the May 2011 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

In today’s high-performance world it is not uncommon to read about outrageous street machines that knock off 700-plus rwhp, produce 20-plus mpg, and pass emissions. Maybe we’ve been jaded but those results are almost standard requirements in any serious LS engine combination. A large part of the success is due to the quality of superchargers as well as the camshaft technology, PCM tuning, and many other little parts and pieces that make it all happen when the money is on the line. In this issue we are taking a look at two different superchargers and how it relates to the PCM. We made the run up to Redline Motorsports (Schenectady, New York) to follow as it changed from a Magnuson TVS 2300 supercharger to a Kenne Bell 2.8L on a 427ci LS3. Head honcho, Howard Tanner, set both superchargers to produce a peak boost reading of 14-15 psi and as you will see, despite the same boost levels, the PCM needed to be re-calibrated...

Vortech 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Kit - Street/Strip Power Trip
Vortech's 2010 Camaro Kit Helps Unleash 1,000 Hp On A Well-Built Stroker. From the January 2011 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

Given the recent introduction of the much-anticipated 2010 Camaro SS (we are equally excited about the possibility of a Z28), it seems logical that the vast majority of owners will be interested minor performance upgrades. There will of course, be those who want to take things one step further, and for those enthusiasts of the more serious nature, Vortech offers a bolt-on supercharger capable of supporting as much as 775 (flywheel) horsepower. Naturally, the bolt-on kit for the 2010 Camaro is not supplied at this power level for the stock motor, and instead comes equipped to supply a peak boost pressure of roughly 7.5 psi at 6,500 rpm. This boost comes from a V-3 Si trim supercharger that features a high-efficiency impeller and housing designed in-house on Vortech's own SAE J-1723-compliant supercharger test cell. What this means to the average consumer is that Vortech went to great lengths to certify its test cell to ensure quality components. It is one thing to state efficiency levels and another to have the test procedure recognized and certified by the Society of Automotive Engineers. In addition to the highly efficient impeller and compressor housing, the V-3 Si trim supercharger features an internal lubrication reservoir, making it completely self-contained (no need to punch holes in the oil pan for drain back). Vortech even went the extra mile to provide ease of maintenance by configuring the self-contained supercharger with an oil drain that eliminated the need for removal during recommended oil changes... [READ MORE]

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Gets Catalytic Converters, Intake & Headers - Breathin' Easy
We Help Our 2010 Camaro SS Breathe A Little Easier And Pick Up Some Great Power In The Process. From the September 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

If GM enthusiasts have learned anything over time, it is that improving airflow into and out of the stock engine always results in noticeable gains on the street, dyno, and track. Really, this is simple logic, as we all know that an engine is nothing more than an air pump and the faster and more efficiently it pumps, the faster we get to go. Of course, this doesn't mean that we can just bolt on any old intake and exhaust and run some numbers at the track. On the contrary, now more than ever it is important to pick quality components that have been engineered to work well on a specific application, as besting the factory is getting harder and harder as new engines ship from GM making more and more power on the same cubic inches... [READ MORE]

Edelbrock Supercharger Install On 2010 Chevrolet Carmaro SS - E-Force Your Way To The Front Of The Pack
Edelbrock Enters The 2010 Camaro Supercharger Wars With A 506-Rwhp Turnkey Package. From the August 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

The supercharger wars are heating up in the 2010 Camaro SS ranks as a plethora of belt-driven boost makers have made their way into the market. This month GMHTP sampled the newly released Edelbrock E-Force supercharger system for the fifth-gen Camaro. Versions are available for both the standard LS3 and the automatic-equipped L99. We hooked up with five-time Pro Street champion and noted engine builder Pat Musi to test the E-Force supercharger. Musi's Camaro has less than 1,000 miles on the odometer and is 100 percent stock. In that trim, GM claims the LS3 produces 422 hp and our test Camaro rolled out 348 rwhp and 345 lb-ft of torque (SAE) on a Dynojet. We quickly realized the 348 rwhp is gobbled up by the fifth-gen's massive size. But that kind of power is a nice starting point, and with a little boost we knew the Camaro was capable of producing Shelby GT500-slaying horsepower... [READ MORE]

Chevrolet Camaro Suspension Parts Test - Traction Action
Testing The New Nitto NT05R Drag Radials, The Drive Shaft Shop Axles, And Pfadt Trailing Arms On An Otherwise Stock Suspension 2010 Camaro SS. From the July 2010 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

It should come as no surprise that getting good short times from a stock 2010 Camaro on 20-inch wheels and street tires is no easy task. In fact, for our driver, making consistent passes proved almost impossible, as the stock wheel/tire and rearend combo would either spin the tires or engage in violent wheelhop, resulting in aborted runs and potentially broken parts. This, as you can imagine, was frustrating and somewhat embarrassing, with other people at the track constantly asking "why them 2010 Camaros can't ever run fast?" and "why are they slower than the old ones?" The answer to both questions came directly back to weight and traction. So, like any self-respecting track junkies, we set out to fix our wheelhop and wheelspin issues once and for all by adding some sticky tires, some invincible axles, and a set of bridge-truss-inspired rear tailing arms... [READ MORE]

2010 Chevy Camaro SS Engine Tuning - Punch To The Mid Section
Tuning A 2010 Camaro SS Gains 27 LB-FT Of Torque And Tons More Under The Curve. From the November 2009 issue of GM High-Tech Performance

If you are a frequent reader of GM High-Tech Performance (which, you better be) you may remember this Camaro from our last issue. Terry and Helen Angell had a great time running 13.38's but, like all GM enthusiasts, stock just isn't going to cut it. Their Camaro is a 2010 2SS, equipped with an L99 engine, a 6L80E transmission, and a set of the stock 20-inch rear wheels, which they would like to make a bit quicker and more fun to drive. With this in mind, we assembled a couple of longtime GM tuners, builders, and programmers and let them loose on this 2010. HP Tuners stepped up big, supplying us with a full 2010 Definition File, allowing a staggering amount of control over both the engine and transmission tables. Corvette Masters of Maitland, Florida, supplied us with a killer facility and its Dynojet chassis dyno, so we could have Jeremy Formato of FasterProms work his magic.... [READ MORE]