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Trinity T-1000 Tuner :: 2010-2016 Camaro SS
2010-2015 Diablo Sport Trinity T-1000 2010 Camaro SS
Not CARB legal. Not for sale or street use in California.
We cannot ship this item TO California

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Custom tuning is available from Phastek. Click here to learn more

Diablo Sport Trinity T-1000 - 2010-2015 Camaro SS - V8 6.2L LS3 & L99 - Trinity T-1000 +ADD 15-20 RWHP! --- +ADD 15-20 RWTQ! --- +ADD 1-3 MPG! Tuner - Data Logger - Display & More!
Trinity Features:
  • Comes pre-loaded with multiple tunes for your vehicle including Economy, Factory, Performance, Towing, Extreme, CAI Tunes, Pulley Tunes, and many more (tune selection may vary from vehicle to vehicle)
  • Built in Diagnostic Tool-save hundreds in dealership charges reading and clearing your own trouble codes (check engine lights)
  • With over 100MB of onboard memory log/record hours of data
  • Virtual Gauges-customize your own gauge layout
  • View and record dozens of gauges at once
  • Tune multiple supported vehicles (only 1 at a time).
  • Supports custom tuning-accepts up to 5 additonal custom tunes
  • The most adjustable parameters on the market including speed limiter, tire sizes and many more!
  • Virtual Dragstrip-computes 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60, and 0-100 track times. Option to start from a reaction tree or once accelerator is engaged
  • Analog input/output to control external devices such as the DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck and DiabloSport EGT Module
  • Set up your own gauge alarms/shift lights using the Trinity's LED lights
  • Control the Extrem
Adjustable Parameters:

Calibrate Speedo for Gear Ratio

Changing the gears in your rear differential is an excellent way of improving acceleration and 'off the line' performance, but going to deeper gears will also make your speedometer read higher than the actual vehicle speed. This parameter adjusts the speedometer signal to give you a true reading again. For use with most popular aftermarket gear ratios.

Calibrate Speedo for Tire Size

Larger wheels and tires are a popular performance and appearance upgrade for car and truck enthusiasts alike, but a tire diameter that is larger or smaller than the factory spec can make your speedometer read incorrectly.This parameter adjusts the signal to display a true speedometer and odometer reading again. Depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle, this information may be entered by advertised tire size, measure height in inches, or tire revolutions per mile.

Disable Skip Shift

Most late-model muscle cars with manual transmissions have an electronic "lock-out" that prevents the driver from selecting certain gears at certain speeds. All of our performance tunes automatically disable this function to let you row through all six gears like a real manual should!

Shift Points

Allows you to pick the RPM of each individual shift point, in Tour and Sport mode to create two separate maps, which can be changed on the fly through your vehicle's factory selector. By using our tuning device to adjust the RPM at which the up- and down-shifts occur, you can customize your transmission's settings to what you need and when you need it. NOTE: Applies to 6-Speed automatics only.

Shift Firmness

Diablosport's Electronic Shift Kit. Most automatic cars and trucks have very conservative settings from the factory in regards to the feel of shifting through the gears. They're calibrated to transition from gear to gear as smoothly as possible for the average driver, but many enthusiasts prefer a harder shift on each gear. On most applications, this parameter is adjustable by a percentage of increase in either a "global" setting, or each individual upshift: 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd and so on. This is an excellent way to tailor your vehicle's performance to suit YOUR needs.

Cooling Fan Control

Allows the user to control the electric radiator cooling fans based on coolant temperature. This adjustment is often useful when switching to a cooler thermostat, or whenever greater airflow is needed, such as towing or even driving around town.

Fuel Rich/Lean Adjustment

All of our Performance tunes have improved fuel mapping to add power and torque in a stock application, but for most gasoline applications our tuning devices allows the user to further adjust the Air/Fuel mixture to compensate for certain modifications. This includes, but is not limited to: MAF sensor curve, Injector slope, WOT fueling, and adjustment for aftermarket injectors. The type of adjustment in supported applications will vary by vehicle type. NOTE: Many modifications, like aftermarket cams, stroker kits, etc., will still require a custom tune.

Fuel Injector Calibration

All Diablosport handheld tuning devices are capable of monitoring a vehicle's "fuel trims" as a way of determining if the vehicle needs adjustment to its air/fuel ratio. Primarily intended for adjusting or compensating for different injector sizes, this parameter can also be used to tell the PCM that the vehicle has slightly smaller or larger injectors in order to dial in the vehicles fuel trims to ensure the best fuel economy at anything other than Wide Open Throttle (WOT).

Spark Timing Advance/Retard

All of our Performance tunes have revised spark mapping to improve power, but changing conditions and certain modifications (like Nitrous Oxide or high octane race fuel) can benefit from further adjustment to the timing. In supported applications, our tuning devices allow the user to take control of timing functions that were not previously accessible on a modern ignition system.

Idle RPM

This parameter allows you the option to raise idle RPM of modified vehicles that need the extra speed to run the accessories, or for aftermarket camshafts. NOTE: Many modifications, like aftermarket cams, will still require a custom tune.

Rev Limiter

Allows you to adjust the factory engine RPM limit to a higher cutoff for race use.

Torque Management Adjustment

The Diablosport performance tunes are designed to all but eliminate the factory torque management to put more of your engine's power directly to the ground. No need to select it in the Adjustable Parameters, it's already built into the tune!

What's In The Box:
  • 1 DiabloSport Trinity
  • 1 DiabloSport USB Cable
  • 1 DiabloSport OBD2 Cable
  • 1 Trinity Windshield Mount
  • 1 Trintiy Software CD
  • 1 Trinity Quick Start Guide
  • 1 DiabloSport Sticker

Trinity Custom Tuning - Phastek Custom Tune Custom tunes are most likely needed if you modified your car, which are available from Phastek or any CMR dealer.

Please visit our Custom Tune Product for more information on our available custom tune.

The Trinity can hold up to 5 custom tunes made by any CMR dealer nationwide, the upload process is less than 30sec. This makes the Trinity a valuable product to have. If you tuned your vehicle from stock and like the power your car is producing, most likely you will start adding modifications to your car as time goes on. Good thing you have a Trinity because u can go to any of our CMR dealers and get a custom tune for your exact modification setup. Your car will run better, faster and get the best gas mileage that can be achieved for that particular modification setup.

Please note we do not offer custom tunes online for aftermarket cam equipped vehicles or forced induction setups. We are capable of performing custom tunes for cold air intakes, exhaust systems (axle back/cat back), and headers online. If you are local and would like to get a custom tune for a vehicle with an aftermarket cam or forced induction setup, please call.

* Accepts up to 5 additional custom tunes
* 2 channel analog input for connecting external sensors such as EGT and Wideband
* Supports communication protocols from leading sensor manufacturers such as Innovate, PLX, Zetronix and more
* SD card slot for increased memory capacity
* High speed USB connectivity
* Checks and clears diagnostic trouble codes
* Dedicated output for controlling the DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck's power levels on the fly
* A large bank of end-user adjustable parameters
* View dozens of gauges at once
* Virtual drag tree functions include 0-60 times, 1/4 mile times and more
* 320 x 240 high resolution color touch screen
* High speed data logging
* Ships with suction cup mount

1. Virtual Gauge Monitor

The Trinity is one of the most advanced diagnostic tuning devices on the market today. With over 100MB of on board memory devoted solely to recording and playing back diagnostic PID/DMR data, it allows users to record hours and hours of continuous data streams directly from the vehicle’s PCM/ECM.

The Trinity interprets PID and DMR data received from the OBD-II Diagnostic port on your vehicle and converts it into a readable format: A Virtual Gauge! Individual user customization is one of Trinity's most recgonizable features.

With Trinity's dynamic gauge layout there is literally an infinite number of combinations/customization of gauges to view!

Virtual Drag Tree

We just discussed the Trinity’s virtual gauge system and how your vehicle’s sensors can be displayed on the screen in real time- but did you know that there is information coming from your vehicle that can allow the Trinity to approximate all kinds of interesting read outs? One of the most intriguing is the Virtual Drag Tree! Using parameters such as vehicle speed, peak torque, wheel speed and others, the Trinity is able to give you an estimated quarter mile, 1/8 mile or time trial. Keep in mind that these numbers may or may not be accurate depending on variables, but they sure are fun to see!

The Trinity’s virtual tree allows users to choose to either monitor their reaction time (like the real world) or have the tree start when they press the gas from a stop. There are advantages to both! If you are using reaction time, you will gain experience for the track when launching off the line while the motion start will show you the time less human error. It’s your choice as to which you prefer!

2. Performance Programmer

The Trinity’s tuning options vary depending on the vehicle that is being tuned. Gasoline powered vehicles feature tunes based on minimum octane ratings while Diesels are based on Horse Power Ratings. By way of example, If you have a 2008 Chrysler 300C your options in the tuning menu might be: 93 Octane Performance tune, 91 Octane Performance Tune, and a 2007 F-350 with a 6.0L PowerStroke might have the options of stock, 40 HP, 65 HP, and 100 HP. (Note:These options may not be the same in all models and can vary based on the current update of the tool).

Economy: adds between 60-100 HP and 180-200 Ft/Lbs of Torque, economy gains average in the 2-3 MPG range(Highway)! This setting is not designed for heavy towing- limits are in the range of 6,000-8,000 pounds depending on your vehicle’s stock towing capacity. DiabloSport highly recommends the use of an aftermarket cold air intake and exhaust (4 inch diameter at the down pipe).

Extreme: This tune adds anywhere from 100- 185 horsepower and 220+ Ft/Lbs of torque and is specifically for peeling out down the strip! DiabloSport recommends only using the extreme tuning options if you have an exhaust and cold air intake due to a possible increase in EGT.


DiabloSport performance tuning with 93 octane can yield anywhere between 15-40 horsepower (measured at the wheels) and about the same in ft/lbs of torque(Some applications gain more or less, depending on engine size and platform). If you have a gasoline powered vehicle make sure that you are using the minimum octane fuel for the tune you selected. For instance if you are using the 93 Octane Performance Tune, you must run 93 octane in order to avoid spark knock or engine damage. Some areas of the US and abroad may not have access to different octane rated fuels, but if you happen to be somewhere where 93 octane is not available, have no fear- the Trinity allows users to modify their spark and fuel tables so you can run lower octanes. If you are not sure about fuel injection tuning, or how much spark/fuel should be added/removed from your vehicle to run lower octane, visit our dealer locator and find a dealer who can walk you through the process, ask the question on our forums, or give us a call.

The following is a list of adjustable parameters that the Trinity may offer for your vehicle. This list is for gasoline powered vehicles only. All of the parameters listed here may be under a different name, or not available for your application. For more information on what is available for your vehicle, check our individual product pages for a detailed list of adjustable parameters per application.

- Spark Advance (Multiple RPM bands)
- Fuel Tables/WOT fuel (Multiple RPM bands)
- Cooling Fans
- Idle RPM
- Mass Air Table
- Rev Limits
- Speed Limits
- Shift Points RPM/MPH
- Shift Pressure

3. Diagnostic Code Reader

Trinity can also be used as a diagnostic code reader. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year reading/clearing your own computer codes rather than paying a dealer to do the same. Its as easy as a few simple steps.

Step 1: From the main menu of the Trinity select “Diagnostics” Select “Show Trouble Codes” to show the last trouble codes your vehicles PCM displayed.

Step 2: Press the desired trouble code to see a full text description of that code.

Step 3: Once you have seen the trouble codes listed in your vehicles computer, you will want to clear them. In order to do this, press the back button on the right hand side of your Trinity’s screen and select “Clear Trouble Codes” from the trouble codes menu. The Trinity will then display that the faults have been cleared!

Step 4: You have now cleared all trouble codes from your vehicles computer!

Control all of your analog devices from the Trinity
Trinity can also be used to support other DiabloSport products such as the DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck and/or other third party analog devices such as wideband and EGT. The Trinity has the capability to support two additional analog products at any time. This means you can use the Trinity to adjust your Extreme PowerPuck settings on the fly while monitoring your vehicle's EGT.

Average Customer Review: 4.5 of 5 Total Reviews: 3   Write a review.

  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Easy to use, not sure about power claims January 7, 2015
Reviewer: Brian Burns from Dacula, GA United States  
The diablosport trinity was pretty easy to set up. You just have to follow the instructions (not something men are typically good at). Once I had it set up, the download of the tune to the car went super smooth.

However, I didnt notice ANY changes in MPG, and if there is a power increase, it wasnt noticable. I think these are going to do more for Automatics since it can change shifts, but on my 2012 Camaro SS 6-speed, the difference was minimal. I am thinking about buying a custom tune, but not sure.

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Trinity Does It All December 16, 2011
Reviewer: REX GRIFFIN from KATY, TX United States  
I love the Trinity system, it not only checks and clears codes, it also allows for custom tunes and a whole bunch of data gathering, 0-60, 0-100, 1/8th and 1/4 mile e.t.'s and a lot more. It does all of the things pc based systems do and has a really nice look in the car.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Diablo Sport Trinity June 29, 2011
Reviewer: Joshua Braaten  
This tuner is worth the money.

Was this review helpful to you?

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