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Phastek Performance In-House DynoJet 224x Dyno Testing & Tuning. Horsepower & Torque Performance Measurements and Product Performance Testing for 5th Gen Camaro's at Phastek!

Phastek is proud to own an In-House Dyno Tuning and Performance Machine at our Houston, TX location.

Our shop is equipped with an above-ground DynoJet 224x 2WD Chassis Dyno that can support vehicles with up to 2,000 HP!

Automotive Dynamometer - DynoJet Above-Ground Chassis Dyno Model 224x - features a 24" knurled, precision balanced drum, 84" wide. The large drum diameter provides a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact, eliminating unnecessary slippage and tire deformation. The result is precise, repeatable results each time. The Model 224X is rated at 2,000 HP+, 2,000 ft/lbs torque and up to 200 mph, making it perfect for diagnosing engine and drivetrain problems, tuning and repair on most street driven machines.

Standard Features and Equipment
- Measures up to 2000 HP+, 2000 ft/lbs Torque, and 200 MPH
- WinPep7 Software and Hardware interface
- Automatic Conditions Measurement (absolute pressure, air temp, and humidity)
- Performance Measurements (Air/Fuel ratio, vacuum/boost presure)
- Air Actuated Brake System
- 4-post 15,000 lb Vehicle Lift

Phastek Performance Camaro Dyno Tuning Service Horsepower and Torque testing