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2016+ Camaro V6 Performance Parts - Parts for 3.6L LT Camaro Models

Factory 335 Horsepower, 284 lb-ft of Torque, Direct Injection fuel-injection system, Variable Valve Timing, Active Fuel management / Cylinder Deactivation (disables two cylinders under light throttle), 6-Speed Manual Transmission AND 8-Speed 8L45 Paddle-Shift Automatic Transmission options, and Optional Dual-Mode Exhaust System w/ Electronically Controlled Bypass Valves!

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Dyno Test: Stock 2016 Camaro V6 w/ Automatic Transmission
2016 V6 Camaro Dyno Chart Automatic Transmission Test
241 Horsepower & 220 Torque at the Rear Wheels on a DynoJet

As we all know the NEW LGX motor looks like it is going to be a great platform for the 2016 Camaro. We were given the opportunity to get some great information off of this car recently and we are very surprised about what we were able to find.

The motor is rated at 335hp and 284 lb/ft of torque from the factory. What we were able to see using a DynoJet was a peak of 241rwhp at 6200rpm and 225 lb/ft of torque at 3500rpm with a 5th gear pull, a 1.26:1 ratio transmission ration. 6th gear has a 1:1 ratio but we were not able to get a full pull, see graph below, since the car would top out at 155mph. Since we were using an Automatic transmission we were calculating about a 20% drivetrain loss, so the numbers we got were a bit low. We did however run into the issue of the car topping out at 155mph, that might have played a factory into what we got from the car. We would have liked to see about a 270rwhp number since that is about 20% from the 335hp motor number.

Overall the car was impressive and we did get some great information that shows that there is plenty of improvements that can be made. We are hoping to get more information as parts become available for these cars. The owner would like to do upgrades in stages, usually starting with cold air intake, exhaust, simple bolt ons, and then upgrading with a tune if possible.

Pictures of the 2016 Camaro V6 LGX Stock Exhaust System: