Diode Dynamics 9012 SL1 LED High/Low Beam Headlight Bulbs, Pair 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500

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  • Diode Dynamics 9012 SL1 LED Fog Light Bulbs, Pair :: 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Diode Dynamics 9012 SL1 LED Fog Light Bulbs, Pair :: 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500
  • Diode Dynamics 9012 SL1 LED Fog Light Bulbs, Pair :: 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500
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  • Direct replacement for GMC Sierra 1500 high/low beam headlight bulbs
  • One bulb functions as both high and low beam
  • Correct optical focus for increased output with no added glare
  • Perfect 9012 fitment, no modification needed
  • Designed and validated to OEM lighting standards
  • 6000K cool white color
  • 1630 lumens per bulb
  • Engineered and Assembled in USA

Aftermarket or OEM? If you're looking to improve visibility on your vehicle at night, you've probably found many options for LED upgrades. Most bulbs on the market are too big to install, don't work with the electrical system, and have no focus or hotspot in the beam pattern. Even if they come close on those aspects, they still aren't anything close to the quality you would find with factory-installed lighting. Like most aftermarket products, most LED bulbs are not engineered and tested for long-term reliability.

With the SL1 LED, Diode Dynamics set out to engineer a true OEM-grade solution. With its compact size, optically correct output, flow-simulated cooling, and boost-mode electrical circuit, our SL1 LED patented design is a properly-engineered solution that finally provides a true upgrade in performance, with high reliability: and it's tested and validated to meet those standards, just like OEM lighting.

Compact Size. Your order includes two bulbs, to replace the factory bulbs in your vehicle. The bulbs are compact in size, in a patented design that isn't much bigger than the original halogen bulb. The drivers are compact too! If you have a sealed lamp, they are designed to fit inside. The drivers and bulbs are tested to last over time, even when sealed inside.

Street Legal Output.
Don't be fooled by high lumen numbers. Your vehicle's lamps are designed as a system, to focus light. If the light source in that system is out of focus, it doesn't matter how bright it is. You won't have a focused hotspot of light to shine down the road, you'll just have more glare. To correct this, the SL1 LED bulb was engineered with advanced optical design software, which simulates each ray of light in a process known as "ray tracing." Using this tool, our engineers perfectly matched the filament location, allowing the SL1 LED to focus light just like your original bulb, preserving the focus and hotspot, with no added glare. This is a safe, functional output, in compliance with photometric standards.

Tested to Perform. We test the SL1 bulb in factory lamps, and measure the entire beam pattern using specialized equipment. It's an elaborate affair: a lamp is mounted to a computer-controlled rotating head called a goniometer. Light shines down a tunnel, where a sensor collects data as the light is rotated. The entire beam pattern is mapped, and we compare the total output to the original halogen. With proper optical engineering, testing, and validation in the application, we can assure correct optical performance.

Note: These bulbs are a direct replacement for halogen headlight bulbs only and will not replace OEM HID bulbs.

Part Number: DD0340P


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