5 Budget Friendly Accessories Under $120 for the C8 Corvette

5 Budget Friendly Accessories Under $120 for the C8 Corvette

As a C8 Corvette owner, you are likely looking to add a little style to your ride that won't break the bank. Whether you just got the car or just have a need to change things up, keeping things on budget is always something that we look at. So this list will consist of five accessories for the 2020-2023 C8 Corvette that will keep your budget happy while filling the need to make a change.

Innovative Styling Concepts Key Fob Covers: $42.99
ZL1 Addons Front Premium Tow Hooks: 114.99
Phastek Taillight Blackout Kit: $39.99
Gorilla Locking Lug Nuts: $53.95
ZL1 Addons Lift Pads: $69.99

Innovative Styling Concepts Key Fob Covers

What is the first thing you reach for when you are about to go for a drive?........ The KEY, the key is the most important part of getting in that driver seat and heading down the drive. The Innovative Styling Concepts (ISC) key fob covers are not only meant for added protection but they are also built for style. Available in a Red Carbon Fiber or a Black Carbon Fiber, these covers will house your key fob with a simple snap together design while displaying an outline of the iconic C8 flag logo on the backside. These covers come in right at $42.99, not too bad when it comes to protecting an important piece to your C8.

ZL1 Addons Front Premium Tow Hooks

Have you ever needed a simple tow for a simple dead battery or maybe you have been off the track during a track event. Either way a tow hook would have helped you in these kinds of situations.  The ZL1 Addons tow hooks are a great option to have handy for just such occasions. With Red and Black finish options available, these hooks can fit any style.  Most race savvy owners reach for the Red option since it is easily spotted in those times of need but the Black option is the most popular color.  Make your choice wisely, but both options come in at $114.99.

Phastek Taillight Blackout

How about a mod that is not permanent and can be removed quickly when it's time for the next update? A blackout kit would fall right in this category, something that is not permanent and can be removed quickly.  Our Phastek Taillight Blackout gets rid of most of the factory Red components to the factory taillights. A few pieces of Luxe vinyl precisely cut into shape make this an easy mod with an instant visual change. We also have 2 different versions, a Light and Dark shade, allowing you to choose how dark you would like your taillights to be. Some light coverage or as dark as can be, $39.99 is the price for this 10 piece kit to get your lights quickly updated.

Gorilla Locking Lug Nuts

Keeping your wheels locked in place is not something that you would think would be necessary but in the world we live in today, that is something we need to consider. The simple and effective way to do that is by installing a set of locking lug nuts that require a special key to be used to remove them. Gorilla lug nuts is a brand that specializes in making it difficult for anyone thinking about taking your wheels by rethinking lug nuts.  Their locking lug nuts are available in Chrome and Black finishes, so matching your wheels is not a problem, but their lugs are going to require a special key, that is cut to your lug design, to be used when removing the lug nuts.  This simple mod is going to run between $53.95 and $55.90 for a full locking set, giving you more peace of mind.

ZL1 Addons Lift Pads

We have all been in the situation where we have to hand over our keys to someone and trust them to put it on a lift properly. With a high profile car like the C8 Corvette you want to make sure that the person knows how to properly lift the car without any issues. A set of lift pads from ZL1 Addons is able to clearly mark where the C8 should be lifted from.  With Red and Black finishes available, these pads can clearly mark where the post should be placed. Coming in at $69.99 for your choice of color, these are cheap insurance to ensure everyone knows where to lift your car at.

There you have it gear heads, five Budget Friendly Accessories Under $120 for your 2020-2023 C8 Corvette. Staying protected and covered incase of an emergency is what the goal is, these five accessories cover those areas in a budget happy way. Now these items are just a few in our large catalog of aftermarket products that will keep your C8 protected in this world we live in.

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