Chevrolet Corvette C7 Exhaust

How to choose the best aftermarket exhaust for a C7 Corvette

Axle-Back & Cat-Back C7 Exhaust

You are in the right place to find the best exhaust system for your C7 Corvette. An aftermarket exhaust gives your Corvette the sound and performance you want. Things to ask, do you want to announce your 'Vette's presence before you arrive? Will the aftermarket exhaust fit correctly? Do you know if you have NPP valves?

AWE C7 Exhaust

When selecting an aftermarket exhaust for your C7 Corvette, you want to consider:

Sound: Phastek thinks this is the most important factor. You want an aftermarket exhasut that doesn't have an excessive drone. Do some research by listening to sound clips.

Fitment: It's important to order the correct fitment. You want to know if you have NPP (Dual Mode Exhaust) or not.

Brand Reputation: Research the brand and read reviews. You will want a quality brand that is designed to withstand heat and have a proven-record of durability. Top aftermarket Corvette exhaust brands are AWE, Borla, Corsa and Magnaflow.

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How to tell if your C7 Has NPP (Dual Mode Exhaust)

1. The easiest way to check if your Corvette has NPP is to look under Exhaust, Performance on the window sticker - if you have that.

2. Another option is to check your Corvette exhaust tips. The NPP tips typically have a distinct rectangular shape with two on each side of the rear bumper.

3. You can also check your center console. If your Corvette has NPP, there will be a button labled, "Dual Exhaust Mode." This button allows you to switch between the quieter "touring" mode to a more aggressive "sport" mode. If you don't see this button, you probably don't have NPP.