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How to choose the best exhaust for your Silverado?

You want to focus on:

  •  Material: Phastek offers exhaust system materials in aluminized, T304 Stainless Steel and T409 Stainless Steel. The material your exhaust is made from does not effect the sound, but the durability of your aftermarket truck exhaust.  aluminized steel. T304 is the highest-quality to resist rust. T304 Stainless Steel is also good, but the metal will discolor from the heat. If you're wondering if you have a T409 or T304, then try to stick a magnet to it. A magnet will stick to T409 stainless steel, but not T304 stainless steel.

  • Sound: If you're looking for the best exhaust system, make sure to listen to sound clips. Your truck exhaust should have high-quality tips, wide-diameter pipes and a muffler that enhances the sound.

  • Drone: Exhaust drone will bea monotone, steady sound accompanied by an odd vibration while driving. To avoid drone, make sure to search for exhaust manufacturers that tout drone-free exhaust. Most manufacturers are great at eliminating drone, but some are better than others. You can also listen to exhaust interior sound clips.