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Click here for factory Camaro wheel specs such as width and offsets

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Factory 2010-2015 Camaro SS stock wheel & tire sizes:
- Front: 20x8" aluminum wheel with a +35mm (1.4") offset, weight 31lbs. P245/45 ZR20 front tire (28.7" tall)
- Back: 20x9" aluminum wheel with a +40mm (1.6") offset, weight 33lbs. P275/40 ZR20 rear tire (28.7" tall)

Factory 2012-2015 Camaro ZL1 & 1LE stock wheel & tire sizes:
- Front: 20x10" aluminum wheel with +23mm (0.9") offset; 285/35 ZR20 front tire
- Rear: 20x11" aluminum wheel with +43mm (1.7") offset; 305/35 ZR20 rear tire (1LE: 285/35ZR20 rear tire)

For Autocross & Track Days, some customers run a 'square' setup; the same size wheels and tires, front and rear:
- All four corners: 20x10" wheels with a +23mm offset; and 285/30-20 (for lowered cars) or 275/40-20 (on stock suspension) tires all around

Possible 2016 SS wheel sizes:
Front wheels: 20x8.5" +25mm offset, Rear wheels: 20x9.5" +39mm offset

8" wide wheel; suggested tire size: P245/45 ZR20.
9" wheel: P275/40 ZR20.
10" wheel: 285/35 ZR20.
11" wheel: 305/35 ZR20

How does Offset and Backspacing work? A quick note:
the more "Positive" Offset the wheel has, the more "tucked under the car" the wheel will be mounted.
Negative Offset (or less + Offset) makes the wheels stick out farther from the car.