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VaraRam Throttle Body Power Wedge :: 2010-2015 Camaro SS
2010-2015 Camaro SS VR Power Wedge By Vararam

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2010-2015 Camaro SS VR Power Wedge By Vararam

How many products can actually make that claim and back it up? Only Vararam!

• Increases airflow by as much as 10% on some applications (LS-2)
• From Idle to max RPM, increases power and Torque across the entire curve!
• In some applications EX, stockLS-2, LS-3, we have seen higher maintained MAP pressures, 10% increase in peak manifold pressure! (Ex: stock at 5800RPM MAP pressure is 14.1-14.20 /2010+Camaro)
• Torque gains of 10 ft lbs to as much as 18 ft lbs and 14hp on a stock LS-3 down in the meat of the curve 2500-4500RPM
• Modified engines will gain even more power Supercharged even more!

Tech specs:

1. By tilting the throttle body downward to a specific angle of attack (Our secret), this allows the lower pathway to open up to its near 100% full volume. VRd spent many hours fine tuning this angle in order to get the proper throttle response and velocity.

2. They also designed a balance plenum inside the bore. This allows the manifold vacuum to pull across the total neck area in a more uniform fashion. This action reduces unwanted pressure drop, and increases air flow volume.

3. They re-aligned the bore to help balance vacuum which increases flow velocity. (The stock bore is egg shaped)

4. In the rear of the Power Wedge we have integrated a variable radius air horn to boost the airs velocity just before it enters the body of the intake manifold plenum. Pushing flow and power even higher.

5. They kept the Power Wedge to a minimal thickness allowing for proper idle pulley clearance on all OEM applications. This will vary from engine to engine - LS-3 vs LS-2.

6. Construction- CNC machined from solid Zytel plastic, the same material most OEM intake manifolds are made from. This ensures that there is little to no added heat soak and that you will have a part that will last the lifetime of the engine.

7. Installation time is about 5-10min and uses your existing OEM bolts.

How does this benefit the engine at such a low/RPM lift value?

Because we are not increasing the volume of the intake runner or cylinder head, the flow increase will substantially increase the RAM TUNING inside the intake manifold runners. The increase is occurring at the most important area, the beginning /lower area of the pressure wave. A pressure wave acts like a wave coming to shore, building boost pressure behind the intake valve. If the base energy of the wave is increased, it strengthens the wave exponentially towards your Torque peak. This will show up in the form of TORQUE increases from low to mid-range RPM’s. The Torque increases will carry up the power curve leading to an increase in overall HP all the way to redline.

Data Logging has also shown a consistent +.10PSI increase in the manifold pressure at 5200-5800RPM on an LS-3.

A Stock LS-3 in a Corvette or Camaro will normally hit a max of 14.40 PSI@ 5200RPM and pull back to 14.20-14.10@ 5600-5800RPM or so. This is the max power peak RPM range on a stock LS-3. (RPM over run between shifts will always show a false numbers on data logs)

How much Torque can this add and where will I notice the gains? Based on the flow increases we normally see, this would yield approximately +18-20ftlbs at 2500-4000RPM from a stock LS-3. Mid-Range numbers are usually +12-14 ft. lbs. @ 4500-4800RPM on a stock LS-3. Our Dyno testing of Corvettes, Camaro’s etc. verifies these figures. The horsepower generated at higher RPM will depend on the amount of torque gained down low and in the Torque peak.

Custom tuned vehicles: This product offers substantial gains; these gains will result in more airflow, which means more MAF scaling. Some vehicles that have been custom tuned may need to be retuned so the MAF does not over scale. Using the LS-3 spacer MAF scaling will rise substantially at lower/Mid-Range RPM levels, + 175-250HZ, peak HZ is usually +90-120HZ.

(VR Equipped Camaros only, A6 & M6 models) If the vehicle is custom tuned or has a Tuner on it, it will need to be re-tuned to realize the gains from the Power Wedge. If the Vehicle is not retuned the MAF will over scale causing the ECU to delay/pull timing advance and it will go rich. WHY only the VR? The spacer will move the VR closer to the throttle body, increasing MAF scaling and it will run leaner, by 1%. The flow increase is greater with the VR than for any other intake system because it accelerates airflow even sitting still by design. (The MAF numbers will rise well over 275-300HZ@45-4800RPM and 125-200HZ@ 5800RPM) basically its maxing out the MAF sooner. Simply upgrading to a Tune model tail section will allow the MAF to go up to 700hp.

The Power wedge was born from the VRX Intake manifold program. Our research showed that most of the OEM manifolds had the intake manifold neck pointed upward at about 8 degrees. This is done in order to clear the water pumps and to soften throttle tip in response. In this position , at wide open throttle the blade extends into the manifold neck and plenum up to 1 full inch downward angle position. This blocks a portion of the lower section of the flow path.

In short This means that when you are at WIDE open throttle you are only getting about 88-92% of the flow that is possible from whatever throttle body you are running.

The Power wedge can be used on a stock car or a car making insane HP numbers, stroker motors and supercharged applications. They all work with the "VR Power Wedge!"

Simply specify your bore diameter and get ready for an all new driving experience. The Torque Curve will amaze you! It will be from 2,000RPM all the way to red line!

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3 of 5 Good August 21, 2019
Reviewer: Dustin Heffernan from Council bluffs, IA United States  
not sure how much power it added. I added several aftermarket parts all at the same time.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 July 5, 2018
Reviewer: Robert Cela from Germantown , MD United States  
Very good design

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  0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 Power wedge January 17, 2018
Reviewer: Michael Morgan from Lynnwood, WA United States  
Can tell a difference, not sure how much power was added, getting a new mass air flow sensor next, might be holding back full potential!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 VARARAM Parts December 30, 2017
Reviewer: Michael Badonsky from Robertsdale, AL United States  
It arrived quickly and was an easy install. Pay attention to the instructions on which way to install it. I am still waiting to put the car on the Dyno to see what actual change it and the VARARAM CAI will make in HP at the wheels!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Feels slightly different but there is a change January 17, 2017
Reviewer: Alan Fuentes from Needville, TX United States  
I own a cammed camaro and installed this in like about 10minutes it was so easy and fast made my car accelerate a bit smoother and faster. I think it's worth buying it only some people have it and people don't notice it actually does something

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